Ride - Paralysed chords

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Ride  - Paralysed

Am 	- X02210
Cmaj7	- x32000
D	- xx0232
E	- 022100
Em	- 022000
F#m	- 244222
B	- x24442
C	- x35553
G	- 320003	

Intro - Am     Cmaj7     (D) E

Em    F#m  B         C                 B
Catch me, in another dream, I'm pulled away

Em    F#m  B             C                 B
Hold me, gently take me through, another day

G              D 
However hard I try
  B                   C 
I crawl when I should fly
  G                 D
I wander through my days
B                C    D   E 
Pulled a million ways

Em      F#m      B              C                   B
Help me feel the forces I can't touch, I'm reaching out
Em      F#m      B              C                   B
Help me learn, until I learn too much, I'm still without

G                        D 
These circles pulling me near
B             C
Hold me in my fear
    G                D 
And sleeping I can't hide
    B         C       D   E
I'm paralysed inside

Cmaj7       (D)

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