Riley Doering - Asymmetrical Love chords

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                                        {Capo on the 2nd fret}               
                VERSE 1

       Cadd9    Gmaj    F#m#5addb9    Em7    (Em11)    
I was taken to soon and I now I am gone
To my sisters I love you and to Dad and Mom
I want to thank you the most for believing in me
I know you don't see it now this is God's plan for me

                VERSE 2

      G       E7sus4       [ch]Am7/E[/ch]              Em
                         (slide to Em9bb5)
That plan involved  so much you       don't  know
Just trust in God and try to let go
Listen to Him and hear His plan
Find peace in these words 'cause you know where I am

     Fmaj        [ch]CM7/E[/ch]           Am          D/F#maj           
Find strength and purpose, although it may not seem fair
That I am up here, and you're down there
Solace will come, but memories won't fade
My death was meant so others could be saved
                 VERSE 3

G       E7sus4       [ch]Am7/E[/ch]              Em
                         (slide to Em9bb5)
To my nieces, my nephews and future ones too
Be happy take pride in all that you do
Know that I am with you wherever you go
I'm your guardian uncle I'll help you to grow

[CHORUS]   Fmaj        [ch]CM7/E[/ch]           Am          D/F#maj

                 VERSE 4/Outro

         Cadd9    Gmaj     F#m#5addb9        Em7              (Em11)
Thank you all for the house it's my new favorite place 
I wish I was still there with you face to face
Forever in your hearts your Granty I'll be
I can't wait to have you all here with me. 

           Outro picking
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