Rilo Kiley - The Execution Of All Things chords

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The Execution of All Things, Rilo Kiley


(Bit before intro is    B   C#   Aadd9  B)

Intro is just    E  F#7   A   E

E             F#7                 A                E
Soldiers come quickly, I feel the earth beneath my feet.

E            F#7                  A             E
I'm feeling badly, it's not an at-tempt at decency.

E                 F#7                  A             E
And if you're well off, well then I'm happy some for you.

E                  F#7             A               C#m    B7
But I'd rather not celebrate my de-feat and humili-ation here with 

E    F#7     A     E

E             F#7                    A                E
Someone come quickly, this place was built for moving out.

E             F#7                 A                  E
Leave behind buildings, the city planners got mapped out.

E              F#7          A                     E
Bring with you history, and make your hard earned feast.

E                F#7      A                    C#m       B7
Then we'll go to Omaha to work and exploit the booming music 

A               Am7       E      E
scene   and hum-ility...

Bm    A    G    A

Bm                 A           G         F#
    And we've been talking all night...

A (hold for 3 bars)    Am

E    F#7     A     E    (repeat)
(lead solo)

E           F#7              A             E
Oh god come quickly, the exe-cution of all things.

E                    F#7                    A                     E
Let's start with the bears and the air and mountains, rivers, and streams.

E                      F#7                     A                         E
Then we'll murder what matters to you and move on to your neighbours and kids

E                  F#7                A                      E
Crush all hopes of happiness with dis-ease cause of what you did.

E                      F#7        A                E
And lastly, you're all alone with nothing left but sleep.

E               F#7                    A                 C#m    B7
But sleep never comes to you, it's the guilt and forever wakefulness of

    A               Am7
the weak. It's just you and me.

C#m          C#m7sus4*      A         
     The exe-cution  of all things.

        C      Cm     C#m
The exe-cution of all things.

        B             A         
The exe-cution of all things.

C    B      E


*Just in case UG doesn't recognise C#m7sus4, it's this;

                      9  11  10  11  9  9 

I also suggest primarily using barre chords with roots on the E string 
rather than the A string. (With the possible exception of Am7 which sounds 
nice in the normal position.)

Please don't forget to rate, and do comment if you've spotted something that 
I haven't.

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