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Rilo Kiley - Somebody Elses Clothes tab

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Just an awesome song by a great band. Googlin' turned up no tabs, so here you go... I'm 
99.9% accuracy ;)

Rilo Kiley - Somebody Else's Clothes
(Tabbed by Mike Long on 11/26/06)

Verse:  C   C  F  C

Chrous: Am  C  F  C
        Am  C F-F#-G  C-E7-C


C                         C
and you're ridin' in back layin' here on your back

F                            C
you're as serious as a heart attack

C                             C
all those picturesque moments the sunsets glowin'

F                       C
through the back of the van


Am                                C
and the water is diamonds there's something you're hiding

F                    C
it's just your fatal flaw
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Am                                    C
and you're tryin' to compose but just being this happy

        F                 F#       G      C-E7-C
is like walking around in somebody else's clothes


and you all think i'm stupid, too nice, too aloof
there's no one in here at all
been on the road for so long singing self-obsessed songs
i'm always comin' as i'm goin'


and the water is diamonds there's something you're hiding
you wish you could just shout it out
"just fucking love me, i'm tired of leaving
and waking up in somebody else's clothes"


my dad's been in jail for two halves of a year
i got my first letter today it was simple and sad
it was painfully clear and this is how it read:

"my daughter this time well the water's not diamonds
i'm a fraud and i am old
and they found me out but just bein' your father
is like walking around in somebody else's clothes.

        C      E7        C
I'll be out by the first snow

        C       E7       C
wearing somebody else's clothes"
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