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Ringo Starr - Liverpool 8 tab

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I was a sailor first (E) I sailed the sea (B)
Then I got a job (E) in a factory (B) (C#m A)
Played Butlin’s Camp (E) with my friend, Rory (B) (C#m A)
It was good for him (E) it was great for me (B)

(E) Livepool I (B) left you  said good (C#m)bye to Madryn (A) Street
(E) I always followed (B) my heart, and I (C#m) never missed a (A) beat
(E) Destiny was (B) calling, I just (C#m) couldn’t stick (A) around
(E) Liverpool I (B) left you, but I (C#m) never let you (A) down


(E) Went to Hamburg (B) the red lights were on
(E) With George and Paul (B) and my friend John (C#m A)
(E) We rocked all night (B) we all looked tough
(E) We didn’t have much (B) but we had enough (C#m A)


Riff X4

(E) In the U.S.A (B) when we played Shea
(E) We were number 1 (B) and it was fun (C#m A)
(E) When I look back (B) it sure was cool
(E) For those 4 boys (B) from Liverpool  (C#m A)


La la la la la la …. Liverpool …

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