Rio - Turn This Club Around chords

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Hi, thats my 2nd chords that i figured out for yaŽll.

Through the whole song you repeat those chords:

Bb  F  Dm  C

            Bb    F
If you know more
              Dm          C                  Bb    C
Just check my swagger out there on the dance-floor
             Dm           C           Bb   C
Yeah all the ladies gonna knock on my door .....

            Bb      F                Dm     C
We're gonna make our b*tches work it on the floor
             Bb   F                Dm       C
Wanna see my sexy ladies screamin' "give me more"
            Bb       F     
Yeah we can turn this club around
Dm             C
Gonna burn it, burn it down singing
Bb  F
Eyo eyo
Dm  C
Eyo eyo

Have fun ;)
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