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River City Extension - Something Salty Something Sweet chords

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Intro: Eb (4)  Bb (4)   Eb Bb   Cm, Ab, Eb, Bb
In the leaves
Where the trees
Grow like water
In the sea
Nature speaks
Speaks to me
Something salty
Something sweet
I am naked
In the dark
With my eyelids
Shining like flashlights in the mist of

Our dirty playtime

And for the spring
We are echoes of winter

Cm     Ab    Eb    Bb
(Way-a-way-a way-a way-a

Cm     Ab    Eb    Bb
(Way-a-way-a way-a way-a

She wonít return my
My sweet affection
You are elected
And I am lucky to know you
And slowly, slowly but surely
She gets to know me
Man I was lucky she new me

Every single I time I try to leave my heart behind
A catch a glimpse of that behind, and I just lose my mind
Because the imagery you set is always natural and sexy
Iíd be nicer if you let me but for now I think that I will tuck away (a-way-a)

I canít lose my muse and I probably canít stay
Iím not worth your time, youíre my time of day
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