River City Extension - If I Still Own A Bible chords

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It's really easy and really awesome.

Capo 3, chords relative to capo

Intro - Am C Am C

Am                     C
Talking to myself in a breezeway
Am                           C
Putting down anything that I find
Am                         C
Be it liquor, or candy, or sadness or brandy
        F        Am          G
Or your words so soft and so kind

Am                        C
I wonder if I still own a bible
Am                                   C
If my fingerprints still sit on that page
Am                       C
The one about love, and why it's so patient
    F          Am           G
And why I have lost it with age

Am   C   Am   C

Am                       C
An answer never seems to escape me
    Am                           C
But now I'm feeling lost my dear god
     Am                C
I am sour and dry if I could I would cry
       F           Am          G
But my eyes barely open for sunlight

  Am                           C
I hate the way that you always think I'm
              Am                  C
you think I'm out to accuse for attack
    Am                     C
But I try and smile, cause after a while
  F              G             Am
I know you'll be smiling back
        F              G
Yeah, I know you'll be smiling

Am        G C
Am        G C
Am        G C    
Dm    Am    G

          Am                       C
Oh, and I wonder, do I still own a bible?
      Am                        C
Do my parents, do they really believe?
Cause they know I've been hurt
And if there's one thing I've learned
               F           G         Am
Don't put your trust in anyone or anything

I said there ain't nothing to learn
Except pages they burn
    Am                           C
And people they change just like me
                        F        G            Am
So baby, don't put your trust in anyone or anything

Am  C   Am    G  C

If for some reason they ever see this, thanks to Sam for
asking Joe about this song for me, and thanks to Joe and
Mike for signing my Pop Tart wallet in Massachusetts.
In the likely event that I screwed these chords up, I'm sorry.
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