River City Extension - Glastonbury chords

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This sounds pretty right. I'm not sure if it actually is right, but it works.

Intro: G G Cadd9 G

   Cadd9  G        Cadd9   G
Now every sound for you to hear
    Cadd9  G        Cadd9   G
I'm not    afraid of what I bear
Cadd9 G      Cadd9  G
Every lesson in     reverse
Cadd9   G             Cadd9  G
This is twice now and un     rehearsed

G                  Cadd9       G
Over the river and through the woods
Cadd9   G            Cadd9  G
Someone listens when no one should
Cadd9   G       Cadd9      G
Natural ageing, artificial light
Cadd9  G      Cadd9  G
Like a robber in the night

C                         G
I have built you from the ground
            D                       Am
I built you up and I will bring you down
       C            G
So I'm making my mistakes
             D                 Am
With an open heart, my soul to take

       C             G
Hungry lover, eat of me
        D            Am
Hunt me down, set me free
        C                   G
Now I'm sleepless in my own room
           D    Am       C
You ask so soooooooooooooon x3

D Am C

Enjoy playing. I won't be offended when you correct me. Joel Walker
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