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Rivermaya - Shes So Uncool tab

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Intro  G - A

Verse G - A

Now it serves my evil purpose just to see her
Though I know now what she says is untrue
And the things she makes me count
But, for the record, count me out
”honey harder baby!” that’s what she screamed
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Now she makes me wait beneath the cloud of darkness
Like a lover in despair, I thank you
For the things you made me see
All through the madness
You taught me well, forget your wedding bells

F- E

Ah, she’s so uncool

Intro G - A

G - A

She’s the loneliness that hangs beneath your cradle
Though you know that what I say it ain’t true
Well the gift I gave today don’t really matter
It’s the clothes she wears,
And the way she swears

F - E

Ah, she’s so uncool
Ah, she’s so uncool
Ah, she’s so uncool
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