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Rivermaya - Things Are Getting Complicated tab

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Title: Things are GEtting COmplicated
Artist: Rivermaya

        Im 89% sure in this chords....This the NEw song Of rivermaya
              Support this band....Opm RULES>!
           *3 chords used all here in this song..very easy to play.
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E9              D    A
The world is churning too fast
 E9              D    A
How long does time last?
 E9              D    A
All the questions get debated
 E9              D    A
Things are getting complicated

 E9              D    A
It's a little too intense
 E9              D    A
It don't mae any sense
 E9              D    A
PLease excue me, I'm sedated
 E9              D    A
This is too complicated
(repeat chorus)

Outro: E9-D9-A-(4x) E
Find you hands off life's guide
Or die young in empty cradele
I don't feel elated
This is going to be complicated
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