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Rivers Cuomo - Longtime Sunshine tab

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Longtime Sunshine
Rivers Cuomo
From the album Alone:  The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo

D                 G
Sometimes I wanna pack it all up
A                D
Get on a bus and move to Vermont
Or Maine, or any of those states back East
That I remember

Sometimes I wanna go back to school
An East Coast college with some history
Iíd be satisfied I know
In the simple things.


Bm   G     A    D
Longtime sunshine
Bm   G     A    D
Longtime sunshine upon me

Sometimes I wanna build a house
With a wood stove or a fireplace
In the middle of the living
An old piano

Sometimes it donít seem so bad
Settle down with a good woman
Leave this lonely life behind
For ever and ever

[Chorus x 2]

Sometimes I wanna get in a car
Close my eyes and drive real fast
Keep on going till I get some place
Where I can truly rest

[Chorus x 2, sing octave higher]

-no real tricks here.  sounds nice with a capo farther up the neck wherever it's easiest 
you to sing along.
-the flute part (i think that's a chinese di zi...go rivers!) can be easily faked with a 
harmonica too, just stay in your pentatonic and draw and blow to your heart's content.
-i can't make the stupid formatting work on this tab so just listen to the song to see 
to change chords.
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