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Riversyde - Whats Love About chords

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What's Love About
By: Riversyde

key: G

Intro G D Em7 C (x2)

Verse 1
G D Em7 C
Yes she's cold and she's scared, but that's not what she is about and
I know her all too well
Yes she knows but she forgets I'm not quite as easy I've got no one
to share my secrets with...

G D Em7 C
We swim in the pool of our regrets and laugh about our past mistakes
then we take our hits and scream and shout
Well we dance around a little flame pondering
with this little thing called love is all about, well love is all about

Verse 2
I never dreamed of a night so blistering cold
Where we go on this trip, God only knows
And I see you all the time, you're everywhere
and I'm numb yet I sweat bullets cause you're not here (C Ring)
and here we are we're dancing in
bare feet on a quiet little street and



Well she's not cold, she's not scared, love is what she is about, all too well


All about (let C ring)
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