Rob Baird - Could Have Been My Baby chords

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Could Have Been My Baby
By Rob Baird
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

C           C/B       Am            F
Daddy works hard as a travelin salesman
    C         C/B        Am              Fai
You know he's just gotta pay them bills, man,i
    C           C/B    Am         F           C       C/B  Am  Fu|E
And momma don't work unless she's down at the church
C             C/B    Am           F 
Sister got herself a Bachelor's degree
C         C/B     Am        F
More than you can say about me
    C       C/B    Am     F         C  C/B  Am  F
I'm feeling low out here on the road

            C    G          F         C
It's been a long time since I started runnin, baby
C    G          F         C
Long time since I've seen you
C                C/B              Am                 F 
Wish you would-a told me that you loved me this way, hey
C  G      F                                C    C/B  Am  F
Forever's way too late, could have been my baby

Pickin it up and puttin it down
Chasin dreams around this broke down town
Now I need a little time to breathe

I remember when you caught my eye
Ain't it funny how time flies by
But before long I had to get gone


F       C     F       C
Goodbye baby, goodbye home
F         C          G
Sorry for leavin you on your own
F            C     F          C    
Wish I could stay, just gotta go
            F     C                 G
Gotta keep - keep rollin' down that road
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