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Rob Baird - Blue Eyed Angels chords

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Rob Baird - Blue Eyed Angels
Submitted by: txmikem at
Capo 1

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Bm G D A

Bm                   G,i
Late September I was making my way
   D                          A
To places that I never should go
Bm                   G,i
Red lights flashing on and on
D                             A
Just like they're calling me homeai
Bm                   G,i
Don't you know i've been aroundu|e
D                       A
But never got anywhere fast
Bm                         G
Making my way through the underground
       D            A      A
Where nothing ever lasts

G         D        A
Goodnight all you blue eyed angels
G           D          A
good night good night good night
G     D      A
lovin you is way to dangerous
G            D          A       A
I've already made up my mind

Verse 2:
Bm                   G,i
Just enough money to get the job done
D                     A
Just enough drinks so i don't feel
Bm          G                    D               A
Baby thats all you need when you beg borrow and steal
          Bm                        G
Well the truth doesn't matter its never really mattered
D                  A
Enough for me to change
Bm                             G
Tomorrows words falling on my ears
D                   A      A
Never sounded so strange



Verse 3:
Bm                                   G
If i dont see you when the sun dont shine
D                            A
I'll see you when i'm on my knees
Bm              G
Cuz when the darnkess comes
D                A
I'm so easy to please

Chorus (light progression)

Chorus (heavy)
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