Rob Paravonian - Hes Got Coke chords

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Odd Chord - F#dim - xx1212

C      Am      Em                  F
I love her but sheís in love with another man,
C         Am        Em                F
Iíve seen him and I must say I donít understand,
    C         Am     Em            F
Why she would pick a man like him instead of me,
C      Am           F              G
And I think thereís only one thing it could be.

C        Am    F             G
Heís got coke so he gets the girl,
C               Am          F    Fm
Thereís nothing I can do or say.
      C            Am
I can offer her a heart thatís warm,
    F                  F#dim
But my love wonít take powdered form,
C                 F              C    G
So she wonít give me the time of day.

C         Am      Em                F
Itís been hard to see my girl with such a thug,
C      Am      Em        F
When I canít even get a friendly hug.
C          Am     Em               F
Iíll never win I guess I must make that admission,
C                    Am          F                 G
All the charm in the world is no match for a chemical addiction.

C        Am    F             G
Heís got coke so he gets the girl,
C              Am             F    Fm
And thatís the way itís gonna be.
C                Am
She doesnít care who I am,
       F                 F#dim
ĎCause she measures love by the gram,
       C              F              C    G
And thatís why sheíll never fall for me.

  Dm                                        Am
I thought I needed charm and good looks and strength of character,
          F                         C
All those womenís magazines told me so.
    Dm                           Am
But none of that crap got me any closer to winning her,
       F                     G
ĎCause all I needed was some blow,
You know, you know thatís all I need ícause sheís aÖ,

C        Am              Em            F
Horrible judge. To this character she always flocks,
C            Am      Em                   F
Iíll never get her to break free from her Skinner Box.
C             Am         Em              F
Heís got the key to the pleasure centers in her brain,
C           Am     F           G
Thatís why he has got my lover so well trained.

C        Am    F             G
Heís got coke so he gets the girl,
C            Am                     F    Fm
But I still think that I can win in time.
      C           Am
Cause if I ever get the cash,
          F            F#dim
Iím gonna buy myself a major stash,
             C               F
And then her love will be inspired,
          C            F
And sheíll never get tired,
    C                 F               C
As long as I keep her wired sheíll be mine.
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