Robbie Seay Band - Kingdom And A King chords

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Capo 2

Verse 1
C2 G2               Em7          D
My heart is beating faster in my chest
C2   G2               Em7            D
As i sing of where my loyalties will rest
C2       G2      Em7            D
To never wait on governments to move
       C2             G2               D            
As the broken and the poor cry out for you

        C2              G2
For the kingdom and the King
        Em7           D
For His glory we will sing
        C2            G2           D
For the rescue of our souls He has come
        C2              G2
For the kingdom and the cross
        Em7             D
for the triumph and the loss
 C2             G2              D                  
love has broken through and now redeemed
                        C2   G2  Em7  D
for the kingdom and the King

Verse 2 (Same chord progression as Verse 1)        
O God may we be focused on the least
A people balancing the fasting and the feast
A call to give, to serve and celebrate
For you are great, O my God You are great

Pre-Chorus (second time through)
C2             G2       Em7            D
So I pledge to know and love You above all
C2            G2       Em7             D
May we be the ends to free them we are called

    C2                  G2                D                 Em7
Our hope is not in this land not in these laws not in these things
   C2                G2                   D
We rest knowing your love has called us to move
             Em7     C2    G2
Called us to sing to sing..sing
        D           Em7    C2     G2
and the people will sing.. sing.. sing..
       D           Em7           C2            D
Oh the people will sing  for the King  for the King
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