Robbie Seay Band - Song Of Hope chords

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Version 2 was just slightly off, but a very good tab, i think the D/F# chord in 
the verses now completes the tab, God Bless!

Capo: 4  - key of B

G------ Em - C     X2

 Em        G                    Em
 All things bright and beautiful You are
            G                      Em
 All things wise and wonderful You are
               D/F#                         Em
 In my darkest night, You brighten up the skies
 A song will rise

 I will sing a song of hope

 Sing along
 God of heaven come down
 Heaven come down
 Just to know that You are near is enough
               Em               C
 God of heaven come down, heaven come down

G------ Em - C

 Em        G               Em
 All things new I can start again
           G                  Em
 Creator, God calling me Your friend
 Sing praise, my soul
 to the Maker of the skies
 A song will rise
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