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Robbie Seay Band - Song Of Hope tab

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Song Of Hope: Robbie Seay Band

 Capo: 2  - key of B

A*-A - A*-A - A*-A - 
- F#m - D     X2

 F#m        Asus2                    F#m
 All things bright and beautiful You are
            Asus2                  F#m
 All things wise and wonderful You are
               Asus2                      F#m
 In my darkest night, You brighten up the skies
 A song will rise

 I will sing a song of hope

 Sing along
 God of heaven come down
 Heaven come down
 Just to know that You are near is enough
               F#m               D
 God of heaven come down, heaven come down

A*-A - A*-A - A*-A - 
- F#m - D

 F#m        Asus2           F#m
 All things new I can start again
           Asus2              F#m
 Creator, God calling me Your friend
 Sing praise, my soul
 to the Maker of the skies
 A song will rise

Thanks, the previous tab was incorrect, this should help.  A* is an A inversion-you need 
play the inversion and them hammer on the A to get a similar sound to what Robbie is playing.

A*-capo on 2
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