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Robbie Williams - Nobody Someday tab

|Robbie Williams - Nobody Someday                     |
|This is tabbed from listening over and over to the   |
|riff and song, so don't expect it to be exactly      |
|accurate. The riff is really hard to play fluently   |
|but when you can it sound real good. Any suggestions |
|comment or mail me at          |
|- Xenoxsis                                           |

e | -------0-------0------0----0---2p0--------|
B | -----0---0---0-------0h2-----------0------|
G | ---2-------2-------------2-2-2------------|
D | -----------------2-2-----------------(0*)-|
A | ---------------------------4--------------|
E | -0----------------------------------------|
            I'm a gigolo...

* Played every 3rd time

B:  224442
A:  x03330
A*: No chord, just let the A chord ring out

Intro: (Riff) - 1 time

I'm a gigolo I'm joseph. I'm a sad light of song

I'm everybody that I know, and being known for being wrong

B                    A
If I'm not mistaken, this is my heart breaking

B                            A
I'm the man who threw it all away

B                   A
Destiny is calling, Telling me to be boring

A                        A*			  (riff)
And I don't care anyway, gonna be nobody someday

I'm the demon that you fear, I'm the joker, I'm the thief
I'm the lonesome cowboy rider, I'm the Indian cheif
Gotta watch my figure, boy if I get much bigger
They'll stick a pin in me and I'll blow away.
If I get richer, boy they'll take my picture
Taking my soul away,
Gonna be nobody someday

I'm a moonlight serenade, I'm your bed when you are cold.
I'm the captain of titanic, I'm thepassenger in the hold
And from the way I'm thinking, we'll both be sinking
I knew b4 we sailed away
(Sorry he doesnt't sing this line so I don't know it)
From the tip of my ego
It's all you saw anyway
Gonna be nobody someday.
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