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Robert Earl Keen Jr - Copenhagen tab

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by Robert Earl Keen Jr.

C                                   F
Now, I went out last Sunday with my little Mary-Ann
    G                                                   C
She said please stay still Monday, and grabbed me by my can
    C                     F
She laid a big one on me, suprised me with her tounge,
    G                                                   C
But her suprise was waitin' there, between my cheek and gum.

Copenhagen, what a wad of flavor.
C                                G
Copenhagen, you can see it in my smile.
Copenhagen, do yourself a favor.
     C                      G            C
Chew Copenhagen, drive them pretty girls wild.

So I went to the movies with my little Peggy-Sue,
I had my dip there in my lip just like I always do.
She didn't know that I was spittin' in my Coca-Cola cup,
she took a great big swoller' and threw her popcorn up!  Oh!


The moral of this story is so very sad but true.
If you stay 'till breakfast friend, they'll want to marry you.
So try my little method and I promise you no doubt
Dip some Copenhagen if you want to snuff 'em out.

This song has a great little intro to each verse.  It goes something like
             G                      C
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