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Robert Francis - Playground chords

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I think it's 99% correct. Rate and comment :D Just listen to the song for the rhythm pattern.

The chords : 

E (x79997); B (799877); C#m (x46654); A (577655); F#m (244222); G#m (466444)

B* (X24432); A* (002220) Aadd9 (002200)

Intro :  E - B - C#m 2x 
         E - B - C#m - B* - A* 

Verse : A - E - F#m - C#m - B*
        A - E - G#m
        A - E - F#m - C#m - B* 2X
Chorus : E - B - C#m - B* - A*
         E - B - C#m - B* - Aadd9 
         E - B - C#m - B* - A* 

         When he sings " you were my playground ..." he plays


There's another verse and another chorus and then the solo ( that I haven't 
figured it out yet :p ) 
but the acoustic guitar plays the verse part for the solo and then a last chorus.
Well That's all :D Enjoy 
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