Robinella - Man Over tab

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Robinella - Man Over



Em G C x2

Em  G        C
Man over and lost forever
Em  G        C
Man over and I think he's died
Am Em                C
No need to throw the life preserver
Em           G               C
He's already drowned himself inside

G                  A
It started when he found the bottle
C                     G
And he held it in his hand
G                        A
And he poured the liquor in his body
C                       G
And he thought he was a man

Man over...

instrumental verse and chorus

G                  A
Oh that breeze was blowin steady
C                           G
The day he went in from the side
G                         A
And I guess his heart was wet and heavy
C                        G
From the drinkin and the pride

Am                        Em
Did he leap into the water
Am                              Em
Or did the wind just blow him down
Am                          Em
Well I guess it doesn't matter
C                    G
Cause he was already drowned

Man over...

Em G C x2
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