Robyn Hitchcock - Im Not Even A Nurse chords

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      Iím Not Even a Nurse, Robyn Hitchcock

Clanging, Barrett-esque acoustic solo piece.     

        E      A          E            B
Iím not even a nurse in a world with a curse
        E      A         B
Iím not even a doctor or knight.
        E           A           E           B
I canít help you at all I just stand as you fall
      A           E          B
And I hope that youíre falling allright.

A long time ago, when we first said hello
I thought youíd be cure right away.
But I tried for so long, and it all came out wrong
And youíre sicker than ever today.

E                    A
Hold hard, with your face to the wind
         E         A        B
And your music all over my spine
E                   A
Hold hard with your face coming in
And your mine.

(same as first)
So take care of your sheep and take of your sleep
And take care of your mother and friends.
If I see you again, Iíll explain it all then
If I donít, then you know how it ends.
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