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Rocket Summer - You Gotta Believe tab

You Gotta Believe
Artist: The Rocket Summer
Album: You Gotta Believe EP

Tabbed by:

These chords are probably not exact, but I just guessed it by ear going by power chords.
It's close enough for the music video.

The strumming pattern for this song is easy to here and uses up-down/down-up strums. 
listen to the song and you should be able to figure it out.

The whole song is pretty much these 6 chords in order:

And those chords are played over and over again for the intro, verse, and chorus.
It doesn't get different until the bridge which begins at the breakdown right before 
the cost..." which for this part, I picked the notes:


Then that repeats until the bridge is over and then for the guitar part I just play 
other same chords over and the song eventually goes back to the chorus.

Well I hope this helped at least somewhat. Can't guarantee these are 100% accurate, but 
least it fits with the song. Please let me know what you think. Happy jamming! :)
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