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Rocket Summer - Move To The Other Side Of The Block tab

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"Move to the Other Side of the Block"
Written and Performed by Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer
Transcribed by Whitney Borisenok

Chords used:     E[--0--------0---------0--------3--------1--------3---------------1---------]
    C       C/G       Am        G        F        G (barre)       F(barre)

       C      C/G  Am        G      F
So we try and try all of our life, working
           G            F             G
With such pride making cash just to survive
       C        C/G       Am      G     F            G
As we race and grade and judge always other folks mistakes
          F                 G
Makes us good to feel that way

Pre-Chorus: (barre chords, hard and fast strumming)

And don't you know, it never stops
G                                                       F
Try to please the world and beat the ticking clocks, but I
I'm not letting it happen this time

No no because, if you don't bail, and you should bail, if
 G                                        F
This is a cure when I'm in this jail, but I, I'm not letting it
           G (start slowing the strum)
Happen this time

Chorus (same as verse)

          C          C/G               Am
So I'll move to the other side of the block
             G            F                G
So we won't ever have to stop making the rounds, having the
   F                  G               C                 C/G
Laughs, singing the sounds of the relaxing, and on the other side
        Am                G                   F                   G    
Of the clock the power switch will be turned off and all will be well and
                 F                     G                 C
Time will stand still, and I will be locked out from my jail
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