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Rockfour - President Of Me tab

D \ F#m \ Gm \ D 
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D F#m 
Here comes another cuntury 
Gm Bm 
future's perfect for apologies 
D F#m 
New ganes and voices guiding me 
Gm Bm 
Swim inside me Double Fantasy 
C G D 
I am as global as can be 
C G D 
I am the president of me 
A Bm 
I'm lost and found 
A Bm 
Still, I breathe 
Gm Gm 
Change of attitude... 

I'll do anything to seize 
Bm/A G 
Shapes and forms that brought us here, 
F#7 (?) Bm 
Find all the differences within 
In a caught dis-harmony 
G A D 
I have the power of three

D                F#m
how fast can you run
could have seen me 
lean on your dreams

and that was a beauti-ful trip
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