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Rocky Votolato - One More Work Song Blues chords

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		 one more work song blues - Rocky Votolato
Tabbed by: sam leibel


Here it comes again
        A             F#m                 C#m
I'm watching myself through everybody else's eyes
Same old shit again
    A                     F#m                         
If this is my heart, why's it still beating?
'cause i'm dead inside
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  A             F#m             C#m
The root of all evil is grounding me
A                 F#m                    C#m         B      
If i were really smart, i'd just get in my car and drive
         F#m     A   (A  G#m   F#m)
'til i was dry

        E               A                F#m
These decisions i make, right or wrong, taking tolls
        C#m           E
I can't explain to anyone
      A                 F#m             C#m
Spent how many years alive, you'd think by now 
            B        F#m     A
Id learn how to make up my mind.    

Chords for instrumental:  Play these chords using barre chords and it will 
sound good if you just finger pick the notes.


Ect.  Enjoy. 

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