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Rocky Votolato - Postcard From Kentucky chords

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Postcard From Kentucky - Rocky Votolato
  (-1 semi)

  (verse 1)
[Am] Jack [C] Daniel's in one [Am] hand
A basic [C] light in [Em] the o[Am]ther
My two [C] best friends for so [D_] long
That I can't even remem[Am]ber

  (verse 2)
Blood of [C] Christ is dripping [Am] in
To the [C] eyes of the [Em] world a[Am]gain
On a [C] horse it seems head[D_]less
No telling where we're go[Am]in'

Maybe you could turn it a[G]round
You say [Am] "Shut up you're crazy,
We can't [G] go back in [D] time"
I kn[Am]ow, but the ra[C]in it ha[G]unts my [D] mind
If you [C] knew what it [Em] meant to [Am] keep your [C] heart the [D] same [D]
I [C] swear to [Em] God you [Am] tried hard [D] not to [G] change

  (break) [D] [C] [C] / [G] [D] [C_]

  (verse 3)
[Am] Filling st[C]ation 2 A.[Am]M.
Filling [C] out A [Em] postcard A[Am]gain
Laughing [C] and remembe[D_]ring
What you say, you're lucky you're still brea[Am]thing

  (verse 4)
Hell I'm [C] ready for what [Am] waits
Return my [C] body [Em] to the [Am] leaves
With your [C] ghost singing me to [D] sleep
I can hear the melody sing [Am]

  (repeat chorus)

And [D] even on your [C] leaving [C]
[G] All I [D] need had [C] gone [Em] [Am]
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