Rod Stewart - Tonight Im Yours chords

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                         TONIGHT I'M YOURS - Rod Stewart

Written by Rod Stewart / Kevin Savigar / Jim Cregan

Intro (yeah....) Emaj A B Emaj A Emaj A B

Bmaj               C#           
I can tell by the look in your eyes
A                        Bmaj
You've been bored for a long, long time
Bmaj               C#            A            Bmaj        
You need love and so do I let's turn it all around

Bmaj                 C#
I don't want an everlasting thing
A                  Bmaj
I don't care if I see you again
Bmaj                         C#
So grab your coat and honey tell your friends
You won't be home you won't be home you won't be home

Emaj                                    A
Tonight I'm yours do anything that you want me to
(don't hurt me, don't hurt me)
Emaj                                   A
Tonight I'm yours do anything 'cos I want you to
Just don't hurt me, baby

Yeah  BREAK:  Emaj Emaj A Emaj Emaj A A E A A x 2

Bmaj                     C#            A              Bmaj 
I don't really want to challenge you marry you or remember you
Bmaj               C#              A                   Bmaj
I just wanna make love to you for twenty four hours or more
(or more)
Bmaj                      C#   A                    Bmaj
I'm only looking for a fantasy an interlude from reality
Bmaj                         C#
Don't want nobody tryin' to rescue me
So rock me babe rock me babe rock me rock me

GUITAR BREAK:  Bmaj A Bmaj A Bmaj A G A

Bmaj                  C#  
And tomorrow morning we won't cry
A                        Bmaj 
You go your way, honey, I'll go mine
Bmaj                    C#              A               Bmaj 
I'm the one who didn't waste your time remember me this way

Bmaj                     C#         A                 Bmaj
And if you never see my face again think of me as a permanent friend
Bmaj                         C#              A
The one who loved you like a hurricane then disappeared,  disappeared


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