Rod Stewart - Cant Stop Me Now chords

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Can't Stop Me Now - Rod Stewart

Tabbed by Roj Vincent 

Standard Tuning

Intro -  C     Am    Dm    C    (x 2)

I stood up straight and sang for the record company man

My enthusiasm filled the room

I was young and I was keen with the devil in my stream

      F                        C                                        
As I hollered out an old blues tune

     Am                           G
We can't sign you son 'cause you don't fit in the mould

It's your hair and your nose and your clothes

        C                            Dm
I said thank you gentlemen for this opportunity

     F                 G
And moved on down the road

I remember I used to say


      C                      Am
They can't stop me now, the world is waiting

    F                            C
It's my turn to stand out in the crowd

      C                     Am
They can't stop me now, the tide is turning

    F             C
I'm gonna make you proud

    C            Am        F      C
So proud .... so proud

Well it was rough and it was tough but I couldn't get enough

Of this rhythm and blues I craved

I was singing in the pubs, singing in the clubs

       Dm              C
Then along came Maggie May

Am                                  Dm
All the things they said to me and all the things I heard

I had a point to prove  Oh yeah

       C                             Dm
I will climb this mountain with this God given gift

            F                 G
If it's the last thing that I do

And I remember thinking


G                Dm                           
Born to ramble, born to sing

     C                     G
In a new world of rock and roll

G                     Dm
One man in particular filled my heart with pride

        F           G                   C
And he fired up my soul             Oh Yeah

Thanks for the faith

Thanks for the patience

F                       C
Thanks for the helping hand

Thanks for the love

Thanks for the guidance

F                      C
Thanks for the tartan pride

Instrumental Break    C    Am     F     C   (Repeat x 2)

Chorus - Repeat to fade
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