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Rod Stewart - Its Over chords

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It's Over - Rod Stewart
Tabbed by Roj Vincent

          C                Am
The congregation sang, we knelt and prayed
      Dm                        G
As we stood before God on that beautiful day
C                           Am
Church bells rang and the champagne flowed
         Dm                          G
As our friends gather round for the wedding photo
     C                  Dm
And here we are barely five years on
         F/E                    Am  G
And our whole world's falling apart
C                               Am
All the plans we had together, Up in smoke and gone for ever
F/E                                  Dm    G
Poisoned by the lawyer's letter, It's over
C                                 Am
I don't want our kids to suffer, Can't we talk to one another
F/E                                    Dm    
You were once my wife, my lover, It's over
Dm                    Am
Rumours and whispers tear me apart
       F/E                  G
But I know you better than that

Break C  Am Dm G

C                          Am
Inseparable were we with a breeze in our sails
       Dm                     F             G
Now I feel a chill wind of a marriage that failed
          C                            Am
And our friends are divided, they've taken their sides
          Dm                           G
Now they all sit back, and watch the circus unwind
  Am                          Dm
I don't stand here trying to focus the blame
                              F   G
But I'm hurting deep down inside

C                                  Am
All the pain and all the grieving, When did we stop believing
 F/E                                     Dm   G
Too late now to stop the bleeding, It's over
C                                     Am
What's the sense in pointing fingers, Who's the saint and who's the sinner
  F/E                                Dm   G
There ain't gonna be a winner, It's over
Dm                 Am                     F                   G
Oh my dear, what happened to us, Tell me where did it all go wrong

Break Am   F   Am   Dm   Am   Dm   G

D                                    Bm
What's the use in keep on fighting, All the tears, all the crying
Em                            G
Why do we keep denying, It's over
D                                     Bm
In all the time I thought I knew you, Don't forget our children's future
Em                              G  D
I would do whatever suits you, Oh yeah!
It's over
It's over
Bm                D
Yeah, it's over

Fade out to D  G  D  G  D  G  D
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