Rodriguez - Sugar Man chords

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Hi there, first tab, adapted from a previous post that nearly has it spot on besides 
missing a couple of chords so most the credit to that guy... I worked off this excellent 

Sugar Man by Rodriguez

Am  Am9 Dm7 E7  C   D7  F   Bb
5   7   5   0   0   2   1   1
5   5   6   5   1   1   1   3
5   5   5   7   0   2   2   3
7   5   7   6   2   0   3   3
7   7   5   7   3   x   3   1
5   5   x   x   x   x   1   x

Intro: Am Am9 Dm7 E7 | Am Am9 Dm7 E7 | E7 E7
Chords above for intro only, then to open chords:

     Am  Am9        Dm7 E7          Dm7   E7       Am
Sugar Man won't you hurry, cos I'm tired of these scenes

     Am  Am9        Dm7 E7          Dm7   E7       Am
For a blue coin won't you bring back all those colours to my dreams

C       Am    D7        F       C        Am           F    Bb      E
Silver magick ships you carry - jumpers, coke, sweet 'mary jane'

and so on...
pretty sure this isn't an Am9, but it is however the correct chord, which I guess 
matters more.

hope this makes sence, felt there is some holes needing filled from the other tabs, such 
a great song hope everyone gets some enjoyment out of playing this one
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