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Roger Clyne - Colorblind Blues tab

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Colorblind Blues
The Peacemakers

Acoustic Riff:
    Dsus2     D

D (riff 1 repeat til next chord)
Bring on your greasy wings and your forked tongue

and that crooked lullaby you've been singin' 
promisin' me things I ain't never gonna see 
         D (riff)
but I'm hard on your heels you keep a' runnin from me 
C                      G
Red boy - White boy - Black boy 
We all got the same blues 
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she's a fever that I can't break 
she's a sharp chill that I just can't shake 
now I am up on blocks and I am tied to the stake 
and I'm dreamin' but I am still awake 
Red boy - White boy - Black boy 
We all got the same blues 

Now damn this dream for tearin' me in two 
for tyin' me down, settin' me free and keepin' me runnin' 
the grip of the fears and the skin that keeps us apart 
all the tears and the blood in the heart 
know we cry and bleed the same 
Red boy - White boy - Black boy 
ain't it a shame that we all got the same colorblind blues... 

she's a full moon - she's a brush fire 
c'mon sweet saboteur cut straight through my wire 

Red boy  Black boy  White boy 
We all got the same blues
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