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Roger Clyne - Counterclockwise tab


Intro Riff:  x2
   D     Cadd9   G             D     Cadd9   G

          D          Cadd9            G
Bought a pancho and sandals I threw away my shoes
Brought a toothbrush and a razor I probably won't use
Hit the track, turned my back on the Headline News
On my way to meet the moon on the bay where she's risin' big and full and blue

Intro Riff

Well the gringo boys got their dark sunglasses
And the girls on the beach are all shakin' their fingers
'Cause no matter how dark the lenses they can see
That the eyes and the minds of the boys are somewhere they ain't supposed to be....

Second Half of Intro Riff

Cadd9                             G                           Chorus Riff:
      The breeze is blowin' me a new perfume                e:-----------------------------|
      Cadd9                   G                             B:---3----3----3----3----------|
It's givin' my heart a little elbow room                    G:--0-0--0-0--0-0--0-0---------|
         Chorus Riff x2                                     D:-----------------------------|
And the kids are lightin' firecrackers, Boom! Boom! Boom!   A:-3----2----0-----------------|
The kids are lightin' firecrackers, Boom! Boom! Boom!       E:----------------3------------|

Intro Riff x2

No one recalls when the clock on the wall
Stopped wavin' its hands all day
Maybe it died of loneliness or boredom
Rest in peace, you know it's better this way


C                                G
  And all my friends are laughin' at each other's lies
D                         Em
  And the sea is singin' lullabies
Chorus Riff x2.5
Everything's slowin' down flowin' counterclockwise
(Everything's slowin' down flowin' counterclockwise)
Everything's slowin' down flowin' counterclockwise

Intro Riff x2

Now some of the Americans are ugly Americans
But we know we ain't all that way
So we nod and we smile and we wait a little while
Because they never stay anywhere very long anyway

Intro Riff x2    end on G
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