Roger Clyne - Loco To Stay Sane tab

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Loco To Stay Sane

Intro: G Em x4

   G     Em    G   Em    G       Em    G   Em

G          Em   G         Em
 Doctor, doctor, can you cure me?
G          Em             G              Em
 A little pill, a little something to assure me
     C                     D                         G Em
I'm gonna feel better when I walk outside your door
He said son, son, son I know what you're needin'
Your body is fine, it's your soul that's bleedin'
I got the same disease, ain't nobody yet found the cure
Well if you find it, bottle it, you'll be a rich man for sure

C                G
  This ain't no joke (oh no!)
            D                            Bm           
You gotta know how to bend if you don't wanna get broke (oh no!)
C                        G
 Keep your piece in the Big Bad Game
You know you gotta go a little loco to stay sane

General, general, I gotta ask it
With my new uniform do I get a casket
And a one way ticket, or do you plan to bring me back home?
He said son, son, son that's a mighty good question
Ain't got your answer, just a suggestion
Join up, find out, hope you ain't accident prone
Cause even in the very best company, boy, we're always alone


The more we dig in, the deeper the hole
 Bm                                        Bm  Bbm
Coming off the rails when we get on a roll
Hangman's tyin' a noose on the line
Keep a couple screws loose, 'n you'll be fine


Fortuneteller lady, what do you see?
Are there swerves, are there curves in the road up ahead of me?
Will I die richer or poor, lose my mind, or come to some sour end?
She said son, son, son step into my booth
You look like a nice young man let me tell you the truth
It's a secret, now, don't tell any of your friends
But I ain't never seen the end of no story cause no story ever ends

Chorus  x2
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