Roger Miret And The Disasters - My Riot tab

              Roger Miret and the disasters
                        My riot

First part repeat 5 times      Second part       Third part (chorus)
E-3---6---11---9----6-/                    E-3𧛭-/          E-3---11---6---13---3---11---6---1-/
B-3---6---11---9----6-/                    B-3𧛭-/          B-3---11---6---13---3---11---6---1-/
G-4---7---12---10---7-/                    G-4𧯚-/          G-4---12---7---14---4---12---7---2-/
D-5---8---13---11---8-/                    D-5𨃇-/          D-5---13---8---15---5---13---8---3-/
A-5---8---13---11---8-/                    A-5𨃇-/          A-5---13---8---15---5---13---8---3-/
E-3---6---11---9----6-/                    E-3𧛭-/          E-3---11---6---13---3---11---6---1-/

 Play First part 5 times, second part 1 time, first part 3 times and second part 2 times.
Now play chorus and the third part 2 times, first part 8 times, second part 2 times and 
third part 2 times.
Now one guitar plays: 4 times           and the other plays:
E----------/                                                  E-36---119--6--/
B----------/                                                  B-36---119--6--/
G-7-5-3-5--/                                                  G-4--7---1210-7-/
D----------/                                                  D-58---1311-8--/
A----------/                                                   a-58---1311-8-/
E----------/                                                   E-36---11𨖶--/
But you can play it with one guitar too.
E-----------------------------------------/       And then just play the chorus 2 times
B-----------------------------------------/         And First part 1 time.

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