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Rogue Wave - Endless Shovel chords

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Does anyone else think that part of this song sounds like You're No Rock and Roll 
Fun by Sleater-Kinney??? Anyway, this is one of my favorite songs ever... Seriously... Ever.

Listen to the song for exact timings!!

Capo 4

Intro: C  G  Em

Verse 1:
C            G
  these metal heads
  the market research
C            G        Em
  they're so fond of that
C             G
  those beady eyes
  the velvet tea cups
C          G        Em
  the arms on the maps

A               A/G
  i'll never know just what i'm doing
A/F#              G    D  A
  i'll never know what is it
          G    D       A
  i never know what is wrong with you, you know
     G     D  A
  it feels so bad

Verse 2: 
(Same chords as verse 1)
the foreign films
the skin and matter
the thoughts on the shelf
the level head
the endless shovel
the fat on the lap

Repeat Chorus with same chords

Bridge-ish section:
I'm not quite sure what these particular chords are called so I'll tab 'em out.

Chord 1: 005250
Chord 2: 004250
Chord 3: 002220 (A)

For the instrumental part: Play Chord 1 for two beats, chord 2 for two beats, then 
A for a measure. Listen to the song to get the right vibe for this part.
    1    2  A
  i feel so bad
         1     2  A
  yet it seems so right
                1  2  A     
  you point out every mistake 
               1     2  A
  and complain every night

Song Form:
Bridge-ish part
Solo w/Verse Chords
Bridge-ish part (x2)
Verse Chords (until end of song)

Hope this helps you guys out!! If you want to request any tabs, just message me!!
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