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Roky Erickson - Burn The Flames chords

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|| Em | C | Am | B ||

Em                           | C             |
  Here I sit, a vampire, at my piano.
Am                           | B
  The flames burn glaringly higher.
      | Em                        | C
And the eyes that stare through the darkness,
         |  Am                      | B
though they have no form, there's no need for alarm.

   |  Em | Em
   So burn.
   |  C             | Am   | B          |  Em      |
   So burn,  burn the flames, higher, and higher
   So burn,  burn the flames, never   to expire.

Here I sit, a skeleton, at my organ.
The candles in my candelabra burn hellishly, hellish hell.
And the laughter unending echoes through the haunted house --
         a little Christmas spirit, ghostly, haunting, deadly spirit --
every creature is stirring, even the mouse.



Here I sit, myself, at my instruments.
Here they sit at their instruments,
and the music fills and fills, terrifies, horrifies, forever scares.
"The children of the night, what music we make!"


[Solo 2 / Outro]
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