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Rolling Stones - We Love You chords

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We Love You chords
The Rolling Stones 1967 (Jagger / Richards)

Am Dm 4x piano

E7 D A

E                    E7   D     A
We don't care if you only love "we"

We don't care if you only love "we"
D   A         D   G                E   E7
We  love you. We  love you, and we hope
     G        D         A
that you will love "we" too
D   A            D   G
We  love "they". We  love "they", and
   E    G      D           A
we want you to love "they" too

A  D  A

A D piano

   A                 E
We don't care if you hound "we" and
A            E
love is all around "we"
A7                 E
Love can't get our minds off
We love you, we love you

A              E
You will never win "we"
     A              E
Your uniforms don't fit "we"
      A                   E
We forget the place we're in
          B        A
'Cause we love you
We love you. Of course, we do

E  B         E  A
I  love you. I  love you
      B         A         E    
And I hope that you won't prove wrong
   B7           B      B7    
We love you. We do. We love you. We
B   A  E
do. Ah...

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