Roman Candle - Winterlight chords

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This is a very basic outlining for acoustic. Since there are no direct guitar chords in 
this song, i found some that go well with it.
So with this and some of your own ingenuity, i'm sure you can find a way you like to play it.

Standard Tune
C  x-3-2-x-1-x-|
F1 x-3-3-2-1-x-|
F2 1-3-3-2-1-1-|
Fm 1-3-3-1-1-1-|
G  3-2-x-x-x-3-|

C                              F1                                       C
Monday evening sun is shining, stripes of lightcome through the blinds across

the floor.

C                                    F1
Walking down the sidewalk (mister?), Christmas wreathes are hanging out from

the liqour store.

F2                                         G
Pretty soon, that old muddy snow out on the way is going

            F2                                                      G
to turn into June, and folks will start thinking about their wedding day.

    C                                       F1
Those holly leaves on the doorway girl, are just as green at Christmas

        C            F1
as they are in June

     C                                           F1
and it might be a little rough to the touch, but that's the kind of

loving i want to give to you. F1

               G             C                                F1
So where do we go when we're feeling like we're leaving all the places

                G                C                          F1
that we miss so much? When we're looking for a summer and a steering

                        G      F2              Fm
wheel that's too hot to touch? cover up tight.

                   C        F1      C    F1
you've got a winterlight.

And then you rinse and repeat for the rest of the song.
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