Rommel Gabriel - Final Step Of Hope chords

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final step
by: rommel gabriel jr.

Stanza I: E-A-C#M-B

Take a look around me
See those picture hangs on the wall
Still remember the times
When we are both strangers

A glimpse of an angel
A cupid shot me with an arrow
And now i learned how to fall

Refrain: A-C#M-B

Its the beginning
Of our new life
Of our new hope
And says....


Coz im here for you
And youre there for me
Just close your eyes
And hold my hand
The final step
Step of goals
Smile of tearless
Just take one more step

stanza II: E-A-C#M-B

Can you find you
In this portrait of our lord
If yes then says.
Thank you

(repeat refrain)
(repeat chorus)


Coz im here for you
And youre there for me too
And there's lot that we can do

repeat chorus 2x

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