Rommel Gabriel - Need To Find Yourself chords

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Need to find your self
By: Rommel Gabriel Jr.
intro chords: E-C#m-A-B

Stanza I:E-C#m-A-B

You says that you must go
to find your self in your own world
i says that you must stay but still
you doesn't care at all

Coz even i tried to make
tou come back to me
still you doesnt need me 
and says that you are okay
and i tried to ask

chorus: E-C#m-A-B

Tell me the reasons that 
you must forget me 
and leave me alone in this time
Tell me the words 
i must says to my mind 
to forget you my baby 
that you doesnt love me 
and i must stay 
to watch you...
to watch you go

Stanza II:
You says that you need 
to find yourself
and you dont need me
You says that you need to
prioritize something
where i dont belong

(repeat refrain) 
(repeat chorus)
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