Ron Pope - Youre The Reason I Come Home chords

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One of the most beautiful of song's in the world.



                          Am           G             F    F    F F C

(IMPORTANT: Each verse is practically the same as the Intro, but with more 
strumming between each chord, and you do not include the first bit BEFORE the Am as shown above)


Watching you watching me
A fine way to fall asleep
G                  F
The neighbors fight as we both rest our eyes
Hands in the fallen snow
Am                     G                 F
Numb to the winter cold but we don't mind 'cause we'll get warm inside


F          G             C          F
You're the reason I come home
           G             C      Am         F
You're the reason I come home my love
           G           C                Am          F
You're the reason that when everything I know falls apart
F          G             C
You're the reason I come home

[Verse 2]


F         G           C               Am                      F        
And for a long time I remember saying prayers for something perfect
       G                   C            F
Saying prayers for someone kind
It's in my head
               C                Am        F       
We're spinning circles down the avenues instead

[Chorus to finish]

Hope you like it, enjoy :)
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