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Ron Pope - A Drop In The Ocean chords

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Trying to make this as detailed s possible cos why not..
Listen to the song or timings an stuff..

Capo on 5

Everything relative to capo

Intro (chorus):

(Single strum)

Am F C G x4


(voice comes in after first set)

D|-----------2--------2--0-----0--2-----|-----------2--------2--0--0-| x 5



(I just mess around with the strings in the chords, 
doesn't matter so long as it's in time, but you can 
do DDU for each chord, but strum the second G in 
each sequence once and let it ring)

Am F C G Am F G


      Am              F        C                     G
Don't wanna waste the weekend, if you don't love me, pretend

  Am             F               G (single)
A few more hours, then it's time to go

(Same pattern for the rest of the verse)

Pre chorus:

|Strumming pattern
|Dm - down
|C  - down
|G  - down  up down up

        Dm        C   G
Still I can't let you be

  Dm    C        G
   Most nights I hardly sleep

 Dm     C         G              F (single)
  Don't take what you don't need from me


Pattern: Am: dud    (For Am & C, use quick up as transition to next chord)
         F : ddu
         C : dud
         G : ddu

Am F C G x 4

-Repeat from the previous verse up until the bridge-


Strumming pattern: Dm- dud
                    C- dud
                    G- ddd
                    C- D
                    G- D

Dm             C        G             C  G
Heaven doesn't seem far away anymore, no no
Dm             C        G             C  G 
Heaven doesn't seem far away
Dm             C        G             C  G
Heaven doesn't seem far away

Dm             C        G             C  G

Dm             C        G (once loud, then mute)

- Back into chorus -

- After the last chorus, it goes into the verse and 
the last "You are my heaven" so to end it, just play 
the verse sequence once through and end on the G-

Again, listen to it for timings and the different 
parts and stuff, but I think that's it..
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