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Ronan Keating - She Believes In Me tab

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Title: She Believes In Me
Artist: Ronan Keating
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Intro: C-F-Fm-C

while she lays sleeping
                   /E               F
i stay out late at night and play my songs
Dm            G         Em
and sometimes all the nights can be so long
     Am         A7      Dm     G
and it's good when i finally make it home all alone

Do cp 
while she lays dreaming 
i touch face across that shift up to the sky
and she wakes up to my kiss
and i say it's alright and i hold her tight

and she believes in me
i never know what just what she sees in me

E             Am        Am+M7
I told her someday if she was my gil
                   Am7         Dm
i could change the world with my songs,
but i was wrong

but she has faith in me
and so i go on trying faithfully
 Em                    Am+M7
forever in my heart she will remain
                  Am7        Dm          G
and i hope and pry, i will find a way, find a way

Cp verse
while she lays waiting i ask myself do i hurt so her
what calls me on along this lonely road
why don't i turn around
and head back home where i belong

while she lays crying for she knows how my
             /E             F-?E        Dm
heart is ripped in 2 I'm torn between the
G             Em  Am
things that i should do she deserves it
all and I'd give it if i could
God, her love is true (Repeat chorus)

              C       F
while she lays sleeping 
                 Fm      C
while she lays sleeping for me
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