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Ronya - Annoying chords

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                     *** RONYA - ANNYOING ***

                         Tabbed by: Vombat

Tuning: Normal (E,A,D,G,B,E)

Verse part: [G#],[A]

Chorus part: [C#],[F#m],[B],[A],[G#]

Herpes and hemorrhoids
[G#]              [A]
these are the things, you remind me of
you're a pest you're a pineapple in my yoohoo
really really really don't wanna talk to you
           [A]     [B]
i can not take any more

getting no response to my sarcastic comments        (Same pattern here)
talkin' 'bout PMS and my lesbian lover
sorry gotta go you see, my house is on fire
          [A]      [B]
i can not take any more

y-y-y-you're so annoying
[A]     [G#]
You're so annoying
is this a piece of your brain
          [A]      [G#]
I can not take any more

*** This part is played just as the verse***

you better talk to the hand boy
ha,ha so what you gonna do about it
yeah yeah yeah yeah
I'm gonna make you wish that you were gay
(needy boy, needy boy)
this is my sweet escape
(creepy guy, creepy guy)
I better get me get me outta here
I can not take any more

PS! If you have a Capo, then place it on the 4th fret of your guitar and transpose the 
tab correctly. Then the chord progression will be much easier to play.

(The chords should in that case be: (E),(F)...(G) for the verse and (A),(Dm),(G),(F),(E) 
for the chorus)

And that's pretty much it! I hope that somebody found any use of this! Vombat over and 
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