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Room Eleven - Flavour tab

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F     Em7    Dm7
F     Em7    Am7
F     Em7    Dm7
F     Em7

I was doing the dishes when you entered the room
You seemed early but you were late
You brought a nasty draft and my intuition knew
F                     Em7
I was shaking like it was our first date

My heart started beating faster than before
I dropped a teacup on my left little toe
Oh you knew I was hiding
ĎCause I had let the phone ring four times in a row
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          F              Em7
There was hardly time to taste it
But your flavour said it all
      F	                 Em7
Now I know the taste was bitter
Now I know it, now I know it
F              Em7
Hardly time to taste it
But your flavour said it all
Now I know the taste was bitter
Now I know it all

The cup was broken
My toe felt the same
When I saw that big wrinkle on your face
When was the last time you looked at me in a nice way?
I was wondering for more that thirty days

Your mouth was open
But nothing came out
So I tried to tell a joke
My zipper was broken
Didnít see ítill you were gone
When it felt like a good time to smoke


C     Bb
      I know that you were right
I did it all wrong
Bitter tears ran down my cheek
C                Bb
    I wish I had said the things
That were on the tip of on my tongue
But bitter fears made me weak

You oh you
You gave me ooh that feeling
Oh I hurt
Oh you didnít have to tell

Now I know it all

F     =  X  8 10 10 10  X 
Em7   =  X  7  9  7  8  X
Dm7   =  X  5  7  5  6  5
Am7   =  5  X  5  5  5  X
C     =  8 10 10  9  8  X
Bb    =  6  8  8  7  6  X
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