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Rooney - I Cant Get Enough tab

I cant get enough

        E A D G B E
D=      x 5 7 7 7 5
E=      x 7 9 9 9 7
A=      x 7 7 6 5 5

INTRO/RIFF Played 6 times

D          E               D        E
I like what you wear and I like how you move
D        E           D             E
If i was staring its because im in the mood
D            E                   D        E
I'm down with your love, come on hold out your hand
D                 E                D               E
Ill take you were im goin you wanna see the promised land

A               D
I tell you yes, you tell me no
E              D                A
I ask you why, you never let me know
A                    D
You close your eyes, I hold you tight
E                   D                   A
But its no surprise, I got no where to go
A              D
Even If I try, try, if i lie
E                  D          A
Your never gonna leave, leave me alone
A                D
Im goin home, you call my bluff
E                      D           A
i cant get enough, I cant get enough

D               E               D         E
Give me little time take my mind anywhere
D                    E              D            E
Put on something special anything i dont care
      D                E                     D            E
Just dont tell your friends theres nothing left to see
        D             E                D                    E
Because if it gets around it gets around its the end of me

D              E                   D                 E
Dont blame yourself mabey i had to much to drink
D             E                 D              E
One less margarita one more trip to the shrink

            2nd verse
            3rd verse

           I believe this is how you play "i cant get enough"
        by the band Rooney. The key to this song is in the strumming
        wich I wasn't able to show, but i hope this tab really helps
        please rate and comment

                Thank You :)
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