Rosanne Cash - On The Inside chords

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On the Inside 

Intro:  E  B A  E  B A    E  A  E  A

E				       G#m 	
We crawled night and day through the tears and debris 
F#m				     B
Now I'm reaching out to you but I'm keeping my hands clean 
E			    G#m
The tables are turning the tempo slows down 
F#m			    B
And we're gettin' off this misery-go-round 
E				  G#m 	
It's a brand new world baby now things have changed 
F#m				     B
A brand new picture in a brand new frame
  E			   G#m 	
A turn of the page with a blink of your eye 
    F#m		            B
Our two steps in rhythm our hearts beatin' time 

       C#m     B                      C#m 
On the inside, it all happened on the inside 
A                       E
It all went down on the inside

A critical moment I know you'd agree 
Both of us separate but neither one free 
We traded our papers for new walking shoes 
But I had no idea how I'd feel without you
We watched it unravel we heard it unwind 
Imprisoned by anger embittered by time 
No one could tell me we'd be standing here today
Steeled by the fire and sealed by the pain 

On the inside it all happened on the inside 
It all went down on the inside

A           B               G#m                 A
I'm holding on to you and I know you're holding on to me too
           B                             G#m      A
We gave it one more chance and found the key to romance 

Now none of it happens like we think it should be 
Hey it'd all be disaster if left up to me 
By the power of love and protection divine 
We found we hold hands through the darkness and then there was light 

On the inside it all happened on the inside 
It all went down on the inside 

by: Josť Duarte
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